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Urban Tourism in Santiago, Chile

City Tourism in Chile is one of the best activities that visitors can develop within the metropolitan area. Thanks to the excellent provision of heritage sites and historic districts, the city is known worldwide for the significance of the to... Ver más

Typical areas of Santiago de Chile

The typical areas of Santiago include a series of traditional neighborhoods with a rich historical and cultural heritage. Around the most emblematic of the city has formed an interesting alternative for visitors, known as the urban tourism. T... Ver más

Neighborhoods in Santiago, Chile

There are plenty of neighborhoods in Santiago, Chile. However, only some characteristics that make them become major attractions of the city, both in appearance and by the cultural and historical heritage they represent. Certain sectors of Gr... Ver más

Teatro Municipal in Santiago, Chile

The Teatro Municipal in Santiago, Chile is one of the architectural landmarks that are located within the downtown. The building was authorized in September 1857 with the presentation of the opera Ernani, by Giuseppe Verdi. For that occasion ... Ver más

Iglesias de Santiago de Chile

The center of the Chilean capital is home to majestic temples represent a major architectural attraction for tourists visiting the city. The churches of Santiago de Chile comprise one of the historical, cultural and religious most significant... Ver más

Historical sites in Santiago de Chile

The excellence of Historic Places in Santiago de Chile is based on the seniority of the city. Created in the mid-sixteenth century, there exists a variety of sites and monuments with exquisite architectural and cultural richness. The capital ... Ver más

Sanctuaries in Santiago, Chile

The shrines in Santiago de Chile embody one of the pillars for the life of the city's society: religion is an activity involving the great majority of the inhabitants. A sample of this is true the vast presence of buildings and spaces of ... Ver más

Malls of Santiago de Chile

Apumanque is one of the malls in Santiago containing a large business. Also called Cosmocentro Apumanque, this resort is one of the most representative of the municipality of Las Condes. Located near the intersection of South Avenue Manquehue... Ver más

Bike Tours in Santiago de Chile

The bicycle tours to Santiago de Chile is an excellent modality to know the best tourist attractions in the downtown area. Through these tours, you will have access to popular culture, idiosyncrasy and the daily lives of the inhabitants of th... Ver más

Walk around Santiago de Chile

Before a pleasant walk through Santiago de Chile, you must have knowledge of certain facts inherent to the city. The urban center of the metropolis located at the foot of the Andes and has more than 5 million people inside. Besides being the ... Ver más