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Como Llegar Cajon Maipo

Ecotourism in the Cajon del Maipo

Ecotourism in the Cajon del Maipo is favored by the various characteristics presented the profile of the region. The landscape consists of a series of hills that surround (Boxing) the bed of the Rio Maipo. Moreover, among the hills are beauti... Ver más

Tours of the Cajon del Maipo

Excursions in the Cajon del Maipo are an excellent alternative for foreign tourist staying in downtown Santiago. The region offers a wide variety of areas to enjoy outdoor entertaining with the whole family. Ver más

Horseback riding in Cajon del Maipo

The rides in the Cajon del Maipo is a great way to meet one of the most scenic areas of the metropolitan area of Santiago de Chile. Through this kind of excursions you can access wilderness areas, where you can appreciate a great variety of n... Ver más

The Cajon del Maipo Santiago, Chile

The Cajon del Maipo, Santiago de Chile is the most beautiful natural attractions near the capital. Located 60 kilometers from Santiago, is one of the favorite tourist destinations by the Chileans and foreigners who want to take a break from t... Ver más

Rafting on the Rio Maipo

Rafting on the Rio Maipo has different characteristics that takes place in other schools of the metropolitan area. In addition to storm waters, the landscape seen from the tourist area reinforces the value of the activity at the site. Ver más

Walking tour in Santiago, Chile

The tours in Santiago, Chile can learn the most valuable attractions that are located in the center and the outskirts of the city. Within the village there is a sector that boasts the highest concentration of places to visit in the capital, w... Ver más

Outdoor Tourism in Santiago, Chile

Outdoor tourism in Santiago de Chile offers a range of fun activities that can develop in the natural attractions of the center and near the city. Tourists do not want to leave the capital can move the largest urban park in the world: the Met... Ver más

Heated pool in Santiago de Chile

While the metropolitan capital is a city that boasts a great diversity of attractions, tourists often want to find a pleasant space to relax from the daily rounds. Away from the hot springs of the Maipo Canyon, one of the best alternatives ar... Ver más

Places to fish in Santiago de Chile

The best places to fish in Chile are the most important channels of rivers, other lakes in the central region, the area of the Maipo Canyon and the majestic El Yeso. Thanks to geography that presents this excerpt from the national territory, ... Ver más

Campgrounds in Santiago, Chile

Thanks to geography that presents the metropolitan region, there is great diversity of places to camp in Santiago, Chile. The natural beauty located in the Midwest have, in general, with the necessary infrastructure to accommodate the visitor... Ver más

Glaciers in Chile

Due to the geographical characteristics specific to a territory as Chile, along the country has a large number of glaciers that feed the major rivers. In the center of the country is a permanent presence of these kinds of sites, including gla... Ver más

Wine tourism in Chile

The wine tourism in Santiago de Chile represents one of the activities that most tourists come to the particular values of the Midwest. Addressing the central freeway that goes to Rancagua (Route 5 South), and after a 45 minute journey, we wi... Ver más

Lakes to fish near Santiago de Chile

The lakes and ponds for fishing near Santiago de Chile have similar characteristics in terms of species it contains. While there are bodies of water that are distinguished by the presence of some specific examples, the average Chilean has sil... Ver más

Canopy in Santiago, Chile

The canopy in Santiago, Chile is an activity that has generated a huge fan. Unbeknownst to some, is a tour of a rope suspended above the treetops. Usually is carried out in areas of dense forests and has a length greater than 1500 meters. Thi... Ver más

Rivers to fish in Santiago de Chile

The rivers to fish in Chile are scarce. Although there are many streams in the vicinity of the city, not all the characteristics that allow the development of this activity. In this way, tourists staying in the town have a concise list of str... Ver más