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Majestic Santiago


Located in the foothills of the Andes Mountains and an hour of the Pacific Ocean, is an ideal starting point for many excursions and activities. Ver más

Santiago A Mil

The Santiago A Mil is one of the major events taking place in the metropolitan capital. Under this nomenclature has been named the International Theater Festival. The international significance of this event is located in Santiago de Chile be... Ver más

Santiago Zoo

The zoo in Santiago de Chile is the exhibition center of animal species in the country. Located along the west side of the Metropolitan Park, the National Zoo offers visitors a chance to see exotic specimens and learning about different kinds... Ver más

Santiago Fashion

Santiago de Moda is a parade that brings together the best of Chilean fashion in the same space. In mid August, the Sheraton Gateway Hotel is decked out to host this unique event in the metropolitan capital. Due to the time of the year in whi... Ver más

Tourism in Santiago and around

Tourism in and around Santiago de Chile represents a wide variety of activities that may develop during the stay in this wonderful metropolis. The attractions of the center have their referents in the emblematic buildings in the heart of the ... Ver más

Neighborhoods in Santiago, Chile

There are plenty of neighborhoods in Santiago, Chile. However, only some characteristics that make them become major attractions of the city, both in appearance and by the cultural and historical heritage they represent. Certain sectors of Gr... Ver más

Where to go in Santiago de Chile

Before inquiring about where to go in Santiago, Chile, consider some factors that determine the choice of one over other sites. According to the tastes of visitors, you can go to buildings of a transcendent historical, parks, religious buildi... Ver más

Winter in Santiago, Chile

Winter vacation in Santiago de Chile have the hallmark of white adorning the high peaks of the Andes. Tourists who come together in the city have interesting attractions that are located within the urban area and near the metropolis. Thus, Sa... Ver más

Pools in Santiago, Chile

The pools in Santiago, Chile can enjoy the summer inside the capital of a formidable way. Such facilities are located within the prestigious clubs of the town, in nearby natural attractions and the Metropolitan Park. Santiago, despite not hav... Ver más

Where to eat in Santiago, Chile

The Chilean capital is one of the most significant cities in Latin America. The attractions that are located inside and near the metropolis make Santiago one of the most important tourist destinations on the continent. A prestigious place lik... Ver más

Expovivienda in Santiago, Chile

The Expovivienda in Santiago de Chile is the Real Estate Fair offer the largest metropolitan capital. Organized by FISA SA, the exhibition has the support of key organizations in the area, as well as of government agencies. This event is to p... Ver más

Expobebidas in Santiago, Chile

The Expobebidas in Santiago de Chile is a fair dedicated to both newborns and their mothers. Consolidated as one of the largest exhibition of national industry, has an interest which exceeds the 80 companies. During its development are made e... Ver más

Karting in Santiago, Chile

Karting in Santiago de Chile is one of the recreational activities that most catches the attention of residents and tourists. Thanks to the ease caused by handling of these vehicles is a sport practiced by men and women of different ages. To ... Ver más

Santiago, Chile Tours

The routes to Santiago de Chile, are a great method to learn the most important attractions of the capital. Most of these activities are organized by government departments, with support from private sector entrepreneurs. Visitors can choose ... Ver más

Campgrounds in Santiago, Chile

Thanks to geography that presents the metropolitan region, there is great diversity of places to camp in Santiago, Chile. The natural beauty located in the Midwest have, in general, with the necessary infrastructure to accommodate the visitor... Ver más

Pubs in Santiago, Chile

Pubs in Santiago de Chile are located in different parts of the metropolis, without preference for a particular site. Thus, there are night clubs in the center in Las Condes, Providencia, in Barrio Bellavista, in Vitacura, etc.. However, the ... Ver más

Zoos in Santiago, Chile

Zoos in Santiago de Chile have the best facilities for the whole family travel. The convenience offered by their spaces are among the most visited attractions in the city. The best days outdoors is developed within the precincts that are loca... Ver más

Where to buy in Santiago, Chile

One of the first questions we want to solve the tourists upon arrival to the city is where to shop in Santiago, Chile. Thanks to the infrastructure of the town, visitors have at their disposal a variety of galleries, shops, businesses and sho... Ver más

Getting to Santiago de Chile

When analyzing how to get to Santiago, passengers have at their disposal two primary means: the avióny the bus. According to the pocket and the origin of tourists may opt for one of these options. Generally, most important Latin American air... Ver más

Golf in Santiago, Chile

Golf in Santiago de Chile is one of the most popular sports in the districts of the capital. The clubs in which this activity have best facilities for the welfare of the fans. According to the requirements of each person, you can choose betwe... Ver más