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Barrio Bellavista Santiago, Chile

El Barrio Bellavista, Santiago, Chile, is one of the flagship sectors of the city. In the years of its founding, the aristocratic Catholic families settled in the interior, but with over the years, the face of this beautiful neighborhood bega... Ver más

Barrio Brasil Santiago de Chile

El Barrio Brasil Santiago de Chile is one of the typical areas of the metropolitan area. Located in the west of the town, the sector is characterized by significant architectural attractions. The interior is noted a variety of styles characte... Ver más

Barrio Yungay, Santiago de Chile

El Barrio Yungay, Santiago de Chile is one of the most emblematic areas of the city. Until the first half of the eighteenth century, this was a rural property of the father of Diego Portales, José Santiago Portales Larraín. After the death ... Ver más

Barrio Patronato de Santiago de Chile

El Barrio Patronato de Santiago de Chile differs from other residential areas had the highest concentration of business in the city. Inside there is a large range of features and articles from various sources. This sector of the metropolis ha... Ver más

Pubs in Santiago, Chile

Pubs in Santiago de Chile are located in different parts of the metropolis, without preference for a particular site. Thus, there are night clubs in the center in Las Condes, Providencia, in Barrio Bellavista, in Vitacura, etc.. However, the ... Ver más

Picturesque sites in Santiago de Chile

Picturesque sites in Chile are represented by traditional neighborhoods of the capital, some downtown streets and old buildings in which it develops an ongoing activity. Among the early highlights neighborhoods Concha y Toro, Bellavista, Yung... Ver más

Apart Hotel Cambiaso

Avda Pedro de Valdivia 150 - Oficina 1217 Piso 12 Edificio Gran Providencia

With a very convenient location in the commune of Providencia, Cambiaso Apart Hotel is ideal for all kinds of walks, a variety of restaurants nearby, as well in supermarkets, shopping malls, big shops and malls. Ver más

Typical areas of Santiago de Chile

The typical areas of Santiago include a series of traditional neighborhoods with a rich historical and cultural heritage. Around the most emblematic of the city has formed an interesting alternative for visitors, known as the urban tourism. T... Ver más

Bike Tours in Santiago de Chile

The bicycle tours to Santiago de Chile is an excellent modality to know the best tourist attractions in the downtown area. Through these tours, you will have access to popular culture, idiosyncrasy and the daily lives of the inhabitants of th... Ver más

Urban Tourism in Santiago, Chile

City Tourism in Chile is one of the best activities that visitors can develop within the metropolitan area. Thanks to the excellent provision of heritage sites and historic districts, the city is known worldwide for the significance of the to... Ver más

Neighborhoods in Santiago, Chile

There are plenty of neighborhoods in Santiago, Chile. However, only some characteristics that make them become major attractions of the city, both in appearance and by the cultural and historical heritage they represent. Certain sectors of Gr... Ver más

Youth Tourism in Santiago, Chile

Youth Tourism in Chile can be developed in the downtown and nearby. Thanks to the excellent variety of bars and night clubs, young people can enjoy a unique night in different sectors of the city according to your tastes. Moreover, during the... Ver más

Tours in Santiago de Chile

One of the excursions in Santiago de Chile is the busiest that develops by the Bellavista. This sector of the capital has a strong urban identity. Throughout this area, visitors can sample the best food in Santiago in their prestigious restau... Ver más

Tours by Providencia Santiago de Chile

The tours Providencia, Santiago, Chile, allow to know the most emblematic places of this beautiful community. Differentiated into different themes, each trip includes an interesting tour through the most representative sites of this part of t... Ver más