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Restaurantes Bellavista

Barrio Bellavista Santiago, Chile

El Barrio Bellavista, Santiago, Chile, is one of the flagship sectors of the city. In the years of its founding, the aristocratic Catholic families settled in the interior, but with over the years, the face of this beautiful neighborhood bega... Ver más

Nightlife in Santiago de Chile

Nightlife in Santiago de Chile is one of the most entertaining of South America. Most locals are dancing near the downtown. In the Bellavista are located discos, restaurants, bars and clubs, in particular on: Pio Nono. The audience is moved t... Ver más

La Chimba Hostel

E. Pinto Lagarrigue 262, Barrio Bellavista,

Chimba The Hostel is located in the heart of Santiago de Chile, in the traditional neighborhood of Bellavista, just a few blocks from the Plaza Italia, and Metro Station where you can access any part of Santiago. Ver más

Nightlife in Santiago, Chile

Most night clubs in Chile are located near the center of town. The neighborhood of Bellavista, artistic city's representative, introduced inside the clubs, popular restaurants and bars in the capital. The road axis around which was instal... Ver más

Tours in Santiago de Chile

One of the excursions in Santiago de Chile is the busiest that develops by the Bellavista. This sector of the capital has a strong urban identity. Throughout this area, visitors can sample the best food in Santiago in their prestigious restau... Ver más

Commercial district in Santiago, Chile

The Trust is a commercial neighborhood in Santiago, Chile that is emplaced between the streets of Recoleta, Loreto, Bellavista and Santos Dumont in the district of Recoleta. Although classified as a residential area, within it lies the greate... Ver más

Picturesque sites in Santiago de Chile

Picturesque sites in Chile are represented by traditional neighborhoods of the capital, some downtown streets and old buildings in which it develops an ongoing activity. Among the early highlights neighborhoods Concha y Toro, Bellavista, Yung... Ver más

Pubs in Santiago, Chile

Pubs in Santiago de Chile are located in different parts of the metropolis, without preference for a particular site. Thus, there are night clubs in the center in Las Condes, Providencia, in Barrio Bellavista, in Vitacura, etc.. However, the ... Ver más

Youth Tourism in Santiago, Chile

Youth Tourism in Chile can be developed in the downtown and nearby. Thanks to the excellent variety of bars and night clubs, young people can enjoy a unique night in different sectors of the city according to your tastes. Moreover, during the... Ver más

Neighborhoods in Santiago, Chile

There are plenty of neighborhoods in Santiago, Chile. However, only some characteristics that make them become major attractions of the city, both in appearance and by the cultural and historical heritage they represent. Certain sectors of Gr... Ver más

Culture in Santiago de Chile

The Santiago, Chile culture can be seen through exciting activities that can develop inside the capital. Tourists from abroad are an excellent method of internalized about the inherent characteristics of the Chilean man. In addition, visitors... Ver más

Tours by Providencia Santiago de Chile

The tours Providencia, Santiago, Chile, allow to know the most emblematic places of this beautiful community. Differentiated into different themes, each trip includes an interesting tour through the most representative sites of this part of t... Ver más

Tours in Santiago de Chile

Tours in Santiago de Chile is one of the main methods to find the best attractions that occur inside the city and its vicinity. Visitors can join tours organized by the tourist or business trips integrate diagrammed by the municipality. Becau... Ver más