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Education USA in Santiago de Chile

The Education USA Santiago de Chile is an annual fair organized by the Chilean North American Institute based in the capital. During a long day of September, the institution presents the different academic opportunities to study English at pr... Ver más

ExpoIngles Santiago de Chile

The ExpoIngles Santiago de Chile is an international education fair exchange that takes place annually at the Crowne Plaza. There are presented different options for language study in different parts of the world. The offer is seen in the fac... Ver más

Marilu's Bed & Breakfast

A new alternative for your stay in Santiago de Chile is Marilu's Bed & Breakfast, another form of tourism in the beautiful city of Santiago de Chile, offering maximum privacy and the best homes or to feel at home. Ver más

Hotel Lyon

Av. Ricardo Lyon 1525 - Providencia - Santiago -Chile

Hotel Lyon is a renowned hotel in the city of Santiago de Chile with more than 27 years of experience in the area, distinguished by the warm attention of its owners, the comfort of its facilities and the excellent service it provides to its s... Ver más

Bars in Providencia Santiago de Chile

The bars in Providencia, Santiago de Chile, comprising a list of more than fifteen establishments offer an excellent variety of drinks in a nice atmosphere. The staff responsible for each meal is very cordial treatment to residents and especi... Ver más