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Rivers of Santiago de Chile

The rivers of Santiago de Chile offer tourists the possibility of developing a variety of outdoor activities. Located in the center and near the city, these streams are used for the economic growth of certain people who exploit the tourist ac... Ver más

Rivers to fish in Santiago de Chile

The rivers to fish in Chile are scarce. Although there are many streams in the vicinity of the city, not all the characteristics that allow the development of this activity. In this way, tourists staying in the town have a concise list of str... Ver más

Climbing hills near Santiago de Chile

Climbing the hills near Santiago de Chile include a list of major natural attractions for tourism in the Central Region of the country. According to the powers of the adventurers, some hills shall be eligible for climbed more than others. The... Ver más

Amusement parks in Santiago, Chile

Within the theme parks of Santiago de Chile, Fantasyland was first opened. Over the years, the attendance of most families in the capital has been increasing. The preference by adults and children is due to the characteristics of the attracti... Ver más